Closing the middle blockers department is the last one reconfirmed for the next Conad season: Lorenzo Caciagli.

Reggiano doc, born in 2000, made his debut in Serie A2 with Reggio in December, when he replaced Maziarz, the Polish centre-back for Conad. Caciagli arrived from Mirandola’s Serie A3: “Certainly the fact that I got on very well in the Reggio environment influenced my reconfirmation, but above all knowing that Fabio would follow us as head coach, I got on very well with him the year last year and I think that’s what is needed for a fairly young team like ours”.

The 197cm middle blocker says he is excited to live another season in yellow and red in front of the audience at the PalaBigi, that of his city: “The emotions are those of someone who has always seen the Reggio professionals ‘from below’ and managed to being one of them is an adrenaline rush every time I enter the PalaBigi”.