Play Off Final Game 2 A3 Credem Banca:
Leo Shoes Casarano – Farmitalia Catania 0-3 (18-25, 18-25, 28-30)

Leo Shoes Casarano: Fanizza 1, Ulisse 4, Peluso 5, Marzolla 9, Ciupa 16, Matani 1, Prosperi Turri (L), Rampazzo 0, Floris 0, Guadagnini 8. N.E. Urso, De Micheli, Cianciotta. Herds Licchelli. Farmitalia Catania: Fabroni 3, Zappoli Guarienti 15, Jeroncic 6, Casaro 19, Battaglia 9, Frumuselu 6, Disabato (L), Zito (L), Fichera 0. N.E. Maccarrone, Nicotra, Smiriglia, Tasholli. All. Kantor. REFEREES: Giglio, Morgillo. NOTES – set duration: 30′, 30′, 42′; total: 102′.

Farmitalia Catania hits the leap in category and reaches Sieco Service Ortona in Serie A2 Credem Banca, already winner of the promotion play-off against Fano.

The Final Play Off A3 Credem Banca ends with the clear success of the Etna in the second round against the Salento of Leo Shoes Casarano. The 2022/23 Serie A closes its doors with the feat of the Sicilian team, capable of establishing itself at home without problems and conquering the PalaCesari of Cutrofiano in three sets, with a very difficult third set, won in comeback to the advantages, to then celebrate the I landed in the second national series avoiding reaching the beautiful one at home, a match that would have represented more than a pitfall. For Casarano’s team, on the other hand, the awareness of having played a great series of Play Offs after the sixth place centered in the Blue Group of the Regular Season remains.

The A3 Credem Banca Play Offs – Final Stage