Little steps. Agnelli Tipiesse tries to climb the Vibo mountain inch by inch. Because thinking about the reversal mission all en bloc could be harmful. Under 0-2 and called to a feat where no team has ever succeeded in the space of a season: conquering the PalaMaiata to extend the series and not let the Giallorossi celebrate their promotion to SuperLega at the first attempt. Sunday at 18 Cominetti and his companions will have to show off the classic “perfect day” to hope to interrupt the emblematic internal unbeaten of the Calabrians. Day and not performance precisely because the feeling is that in combination, contextually, there must also be some crack in the opponent’s taraflex. Peculiarity clearly missing in the first two matches closed by Orduna and partners not for nothing, with a double 3-0. Central defender Riccardo Copelli presents the challenge.

“At the end of the game on Wednesday, my eyes were shining. Losing in front of an audience like this is even worse. I had only experienced heat like this in my career in Piacenza precisely on the occasion of the final against Olimpia in 2019. such an atmosphere, nothing short of fantastic, should make you think a lot about what you’re missing. Way beyond volleyball.”

“Race 2 left behind some residue. Vibo once again proved to be the steamroller we thought it was. During the year it had shown itself to be “human” in some circumstances, but now it has entered the “extraterrestrial” mode because he is playing at such a high level as to be compatible with many SuperLega formations. We also knew this because they are stuffed with national and international champions. No surprise, but now we will have to be good at resetting even if it is not easy because two knockouts make bad, even more than having played it only in the first two partials of game 1″

“Tonno Callipo will smell blood and will have the killer instinct turned on. However, if they make the mistake of getting caught up in the heat of victory, we could draw some interesting ideas. it didn’t work on Wednesday as well as looking for tactical solutions to limit their physicality which is felt first of all against the wall. But above all be patient starting so as not to get a full result, also because no one has ever made it on that taraflex, but thinking one set at a time. Winning one could be good encouragement. To climb the mountain you have to go base camp by base camp, set by set.”