The red and white team welcomes the coach from Campania who will have the task of fueling the ambitions of Volleyball Macerata. Maurizio Castellano has recently concluded his experience with Vigilar Fano, this year the Med Store Tunit’s direct opponent both in the championship and in the Italian Cup: Castellano led the Fano team to first place in the Girone Bianco and then lost only in match 3 of the Play Off final against Casarano. Previously, the coach was for three seasons in Serie A2 on the Castellana Grotte bench and also boasts a very long career as a spiker, during which he toured Italy wearing shirts for important teams such as Spoleto, Naples, Treviso, Parma, Taranto, among Super League and Serie A2.

Thus begins a new adventure for coach Maurizio Castellano and Macerata Volleyball, there was immediate harmony between the parties, “I know Italo Vullo very well, the General Manager, I played together with his brother many years ago, Riccardo Modica the Sportsman is a dear friend, I spoke to them about the sports project and we have a similar idea of ​​volleyball, then I also met the President Gianluca Tittarelli. When a proposal arrives from an important club like Volleyball Macerata, it means that something good has been recognized in one’s work”. You also know the city very well, “Macerata is a popular square for everyone. In particular, I have always appreciated how the company never takes too long a step and has managed to grow steadily over time thanks to careful planning. I arrive in a beautiful building, the Banca Macerata Forum, there is a nice atmosphere in the city, an ambitious square. I found a management willing to listen to my proposals and together we are working to build a team worthy of Macerata”.