The first ace scored in the Serie A3 championship also contains a message: you can count on Stefano Guolla with your eyes closed. Yes, because despite having one of the most prolific opposites of the entire group up against him, i.e. Marco Novello, the twenty-year-old opposite born in Germany, but born in Belluno, knows how to be ready. And he proved it, once again, in the away match in Pavia: in the presence of Moyashi Garlasco, the young athlete from Da Rold Logistics Belluno also put his stamp in the points box.

DESIRE – «The winning serve was very significant – says Stefano -. Also because I got my first call-up to Serie A last year in Pavia: my professional career began against Garlasco. A unique emotion. In view of the away match in Lombardy, I set out with the idea of ​​scoring at least one point. And the wish came true.” Guolla follows in the footsteps of his equal role: «From Novello, who is simply unique, I am learning many things. Thanks to Marco I have more security in everything that happens on the pitch: from the attack to the serve. In general, it has had a positive impact on my entire volleyball experience».

CONFIDENCE – In Stefano’s growth path, the imprint of Gian Luca Colussi is also indelible: «The relationship with the coach strengthens day after day. The coach gives me confidence in moments of difficulty, putting me in serve and beyond. Indications when I am called into question? He invites me to pull hard. In this sense, I’m trying to show that he can rely on me.”

NEVER GIVE UP – The DRL is fifth, +3 on their closest pursuers: one of which is Geetit Bologna, a team that the rhinos will have to face on Sunday 5 February (4 pm), at the Spes Arena: «The weather is good – he resumes the opposite young man -. It is true that we are subject to ups and downs, but we don’t give up: we are becoming more and more united, we are growing a lot and I am proud of this». Guolla also intends to raise the personal bar: «I want to improve in every aspect of the game, in order to be more effective and helpful to the group».