Emma Villas Volley Siena places a market shot in the center. Riccardo Copelli is a new player of the white and blue club: the volleyball player was presented this morning in a press conference which was also attended by the vice president of Siena, Fabio Mechini. Centrale, born in 1996, 198 centimeters tall, was born in Casalmaggiore, in the province of Cremona. Last year he played in Bergamo, where he was coached by coach Gianluca Graziosi (whom he will now find again in his new Sienese adventure), in the previous season he was in Cantù and even earlier in Santa Croce and Piacenza.

The one with the Siena shirt will be his sixth season in the Serie A2 championship this year to which he adds two years in the Superlega. Two years ago he turned out to be the best center back in Serie A2 in the regular season, statistics in hand. Last year he finished the regular season with 249 points, thus averaging 9.6 points per game. His average percentage on offense was 57.5%, his 65 point blocks for a 2.5 a contest average.

Riccardo Copelli will then be coached again by coach Gianluca Graziosi. He is the third player, the first center back and also the first Italian volleyball player announced by Emma Villas Volleyball for the roster for next season after the French setter Thomas Nevot and the Brazilian opposite Matheus Krauchuk.

“Coach Graziosi is a coach with a culture of work – these are Riccardo Copelli’s first words as a player of Emma Villas Volley Siena. – I am very happy to come and play here and to join this club. I already have excellent impressions, this is now a historic club, it’s ambitious and has already taken part in the Superlega championship twice. I’ll try to give my contribution, the first shots in the transfer market have already been important. I had very good feedback on Thomas Nevot, Matheus Krauchuk is an important opponent for this category, he has a lot of experience and has already shown excellent qualities in Santa Croce, even playing in that case in an unusual role for him”.