After two seasons at Moyashi Garlasco and fresh from a 5th place in the Serie A3 Credem Banca White Group ranking, the middle blocker born in 1998, Lorenzo Giampietri, arrives in Bologna for a new challenge.

Geetit is unleashing itself on the market and day after day it is shaping the team of the future.
Following the confirmations of Brunetti and Maletti and the arrival of Alessio Sitti in the control room, the staff threw themselves headlong into the market to shape the central department, totally to be written with respect to the year just ended.
After the departure of Orazi, Grottoli and Ballan, in fact, he sought an agreement with the Emilian, originally from Montecchio, Giampietri. Raised in the youth teams of Vero Volley, in 2018 Lorenzo made his debut in A1 with Monza. After one season in B and three in Serie A3 Credem Banca (the last two in Garlasco) leaves Lombardy to wear the Rossoblu colours. These are his first words from place 3 of the Felsinea team:

“I chose Bologna because it has shown that it really wants me. I’ve heard good things about the club, where I believe it will be possible to do well and grow. University has always occupied a lot of my time in recent years, and this will be the first season where I will devote myself entirely to volleyball. Bologna seems to me the most suitable place to do it, as well as being an opportunity to get closer to home”.
A look at the market of the other teams? “Many teams are preparing competitive rosters and I expect a season that will be “a constant struggle”, in which you have to give 100% every time you take the field.