The win over Monge-Gerbaudo Savigliano left ErmGroup San Giustino for 48 hours on the fifth step of the standings in the White group of the Serie A3 Credem Banca championship. The 3-2 obtained by Moyashi Garlasco on the Geetit Bologna field on Monday evening also brought the Lombard team up to 39, which takes fifth place due to the greater number of victories (13 against 12) compared to the blue-and-whites. Both, however, find themselves at -2 from the fourth position; and if we want to go on with the numbers, let’s highlight how ErmGroup has put together 16 points in the last 6 races, touching the feat in Belluno. With the 19 points forfeited in the second leg, he can now improve on his tally from the first leg, which had been 20. The day after the 2-3 draw in Belluno, the answer against Savigliano is ready: a 3-0 that means a lot in playoff key. Spiker Ridas Skuodis, back from a difficult week, as well as setter Alessio Sitti are among the ErmGroup’s best in the field. “We resumed training on Thursday – recalls Skuodis – after both of us were sick. Let’s say it wasn’t easy: the physical forces were what they were, but we both gritted our teeth. In any case, well done to the team and well done to everyone, if only for guaranteeing safety in advance”. First two sets in which you recovered and overturned two disadvantage situations, then the third resolved to the advantages. Are you now a mature team for this championship? “Let’s say that with the save now in the pocket we can play more calmly and therefore go with the arm loose. Even when serving and attacking we have a clear mind, but it’s true: San Giustino has certainly matured and I believe that at the beginning of the season matches like this would not have ended with this result in our favor”. If up to a couple of games ago points were important for salvation, from now on do they become important for the play-offs? “Yes, even if it doesn’t seem appropriate to think of the play-offs, in the sense that we play game after game, trying to score as many points as possible. Then, what will happen will be seen at the end of the championship”. Serie A3 takes a weekend break for the final four of the Italian Cup in its category, for which Abba Pineto, the next opponent of Marra and his companions, also qualified on the afternoon of Sunday 19 March in Abruzzo.