Yet another match between Gabbiano and Negrini Acqui Terme but this time in A3 and with the unbeaten record to be defended for the biancazzurri after seven victories in a row. High ranking challenge between the first and third teams of the white group. You can feel the atmosphere of the big matches. Serafini has to give up Ferrari and Scaltriti returns to the field.

Gabbiano starts better at 5-3 with Novello along the line and again 9-6 – Ace by Yordanov who then makes a mistake for 10-6. Rizzo relies on Corrazzato in the control room. Novello again holes the Taraflex for 12-9 but is blocked and the guests are within 1 (14-13). Gabbiano remains ahead with Yordanov but there is a tie at 16 and 18. Ace by Novello forces Negrini to time out, Martino bombs and Scaltriti replies with precision (21-19). Ace from Martino and tie at 21. Serafini calls time put and Depalma and Parolari enter. 22 all, Yordanov’s Wall is worth two set points. Novello closes against the hands of the Piedmontese wall.

Gabbiano starts off strong again and leads 4-1 in the second set but Acqui gets within 1 thanks to the block (5-4). Still within one with Martino and overtaking with him serving with De Palma on the court for Martinelli out with a knee problem. Tauletta impacts with the combination of 13 to 13. Baratti impacts to 15 with the second touch. Yordanov still keeps his teammates ahead and scores at 18. Cester’s ace makes it 18-20. Parolari enters and immediately scores a point. Too many errors from nine meters for the Gabbiano who however close at 22-23. Novello cancels and the other Depalma with an ace but Acqui hits the block (24-26).

Martino wins the draw at 3, De Palma for Yordanov (6-3). The hosts are still ahead 9-6 and 11-7 with Novello and Parolari on the field for Scaltriti. 13-8 with the block. Block from Yordanov and it flies to 15-10. and with precision the Bulgarian scores 17-11. Piedmontese time out. Martino tries to keep his team afloat. 21-16 with Parolari. 22-18 by Novello. The third set ends at 25-22 on Acqui’s nine-meter error.

Novello clocks in 5-2. and the ace of 8-4. 11-6 for the block on Martino and the biancazzurri still ahead 15-11 with Miselli’s ace. Parolari is on fire, flying at 18-12. Red to Novello, but 19-14. Ace by Parolari three times (23-14). Miselli closes in the first half. 8 out of 8 and we continue to fly high.