The victorious match against Negrini CTE Acqui Terme represented the beginning of a real tour de force for Gabbiano Mantova, which is preparing for a double weekly fixture, valid for the tenth and eleventh first leg of the championship of Series A3 Credem Banca.

This evening, with kick-off at 8.30pm, Gabbiano will challenge the expert team of the Pallavolo Motta, while on Sunday, this time at 5pm, they will arrive at the PalaSguaitzer in Mantua Belluno Volley.

The victory over Acqui Terme, the first against the Piedmontese after last year’s matches in Serie B, further confirmed the solidity of the white-blue team, which can count on the contribution of all the elements available, without ever having a drop in performance on the pitch . The slight physical problem that occurred to Martinelli last Saturday, and the consequent entry onto the pitch of Depalma, as well as the inclusion of Parolari in place of Scaltriti, did not undermine the team’s balance, but rather increased the solutions available to coach Serafini .

The insidious challenge with Motta Volleyball is particularly felt by Riccardo Scaltriti, former player, in Veneto for three seasons (from 2018 to 2021) and author of a historic promotion to A2 in the 2020-2021 season: «They have been three intense years – explains Scaltriti – with two promotions, during which I shared emotions with special companions in an environment that made me and will make me feel at home. It will certainly be a whirlwind of sensations, because the heart is not in charge, but in the gym I prepared myself to face this challenge on a psychophysical level and I am very excited. Motta is a team that has many solutions, just like us, the ranking does not respect its value and has a very warm audience. We will have to be good at adapting to changes during the match, and have patience and strong nerves.”