Another great coup by sports director Ruggiero, who beats a strong competition to sign a young and talented defense minister capable of throwing up impossible balls, and making his unfortunate opponents fall into the darkest resignation who see themselves choked at the most beautiful moment exultation for points apparently already closed. Fixed presence in the U21 national team, the libero Francerscoclass 2001 acquires confidence and perfects his technical baggage with Lupi Santa Croce (A2) from 2019 to 2021, to then leave his mark in the 2021/22 season among the ranks of Tuscania with prodigious recoveries and many perfect receptions that elect him among the best in his role. After the last championship played with excellent results with Casarano’s shirt, Francesco Prosperi Turri chooses ShedirPharma Sorrento to continue his journey, standing up as the undisputed master of the second line.

After having faced ShedirPharma Sorrento in the last 2 years with the Casarano and Tuscania shirts, having inflicted 5 defeats out of 5 between the championship and the cup, this time we will find you on our side to try to reverse the course. How did the opportunity to sign for this club come about?

“First of all, I want to say that I felt proud to receive the call from sports director Ruggiero, because Sorrento is a coveted and very stimulating square. An ambitious project was illustrated to me, with a roster made up of motivated young people of undoubted quality, and a top-level technical staff. In the environment there is much praise about this square, and saying yes was all too easy. I believe that here on the Amalfi Coast there are all the conditions for expressing myself at my best, having fun, and obtaining great satisfaction”.

In the last season you came close to promotion reaching the play-off final. Beyond the inevitable disappointment, how important was it to gain new confidence and awareness, playing so many important matches from inside or outside in just a few days?

“I am back from a great season both individually and as a team: with a very young and motivated group we have come close to an unimaginable goal on the eve of promotion to A2. It was a splendid year that allowed me to become familiar with this category, preparing me to face the new season in Sorrento with even stronger confidence, self-esteem and stimuli”.