He was sporting director, president and reference figure of Volleyball San Giustino, actively contributing to the return of men’s volleyball at high levels and with a past that saw him as a player at the time of the top flight. Now however – as already highlighted a few days ago – Goran Maric has left the commitments he had with the blue-and-white partnership, even if he remains as a partner. The reason? “I started a professional training course, complete with a master’s degree – explains Maric – and after two years a private project started. This means, therefore, that I had to make a lifestyle choice and move away from the sporting discipline that I have lived and “chewed” since I was a child. I chose to follow a new path, declining every organizational task and leaving the baton to Valdemaro Gustinelli, not before having worked with him in the last few months precisely to guarantee the linearity of the path. It’s not a sudden decision but a meditated one over time: I’m staying as a partner, but I no longer have operational roles and my presence will be very limited”. Are you satisfied with what you achieved in the five years with Volleyball San Giustino? “Absolutely yes. We affectionately exchanged the “blames” of an adventure that began in 2018 with Claudio Bigi, the current CEO and cornerstone of the management. had followed us everything would have been more difficult.