The “Green” project of Cuneo Volley makes use of a very important entrance, which fully reflects the essence of respecting the environment and being active in making it better; we are talking about Marcopolo Environmental Group. There are many similarities, obviously translated by sector, between the Biancoblù Club and the BEBSSS!!® Philosophy: Good And Organic Only If Healthy!!®

Our Serie A2 players: Matteo Pedron, Lorenzo Codarin and Luca Chiapello were lucky enough to visit the unique circular bioeconomy environmental plant of Vignolo (CN), which produces green electricity and Humus Anenzy, obtained from the transformation of good agricultural biomass.

« I believe the partnership undertaken with Cuneo Volley is very important, not only for a territoriality issue, but because nothing is more similar between sport and the environment. A healthy environment means “health” and if you are healthy, you can play sports. To have a healthy environment each of us must do our utmost in this sense and Marcopolo has certainly been doing his part for over 40 years by pursuing the principles of social, environmental and economic sustainability that must always go hand in hand” – said Alessia Bertolotto, director general of Marcopolo Environmental Group.

The MARCOPOLO ENVIRONMENTAL GROUP is today an international reality operating in the environmental field, with a high number of patents and production processes, for the “sustainable and active” industrial valorisation of waste / good by-products and the production of energy from renewable sources. The environmental activities of the Marcopolo Environmental Group are many and can be divided into:

Green energy production
Environmental remediation
Biomethane and agrivoltaic