To return from Fano with a few points in your pocket, you’ll need something special. And go beyond a pre-established script. Marco Novello is perfectly aware of this. Who, despite his young age, loves to take responsibility and take a step forward in the decisive moments of the various meetings. Because if it is true that Sunday 26 (at 7 pm), in the lair of the leader Vigilar, a capital test of the collective will be necessary, it is equally true that Da Rold Logistics cannot ignore the author’s strokes of its individuality: like the striker born in Volley Treviso and passed through Tinet Prata in Pordenone.

In the meantime, thanks to the round success against Sol Lucernari Montecchio Maggiore, the Belluno players are back in the playoff zone. And they occupy the seventh place in the ranking: «The derby has borne the fruits we hoped for – argues the opposite -. We had the merit of bringing home a nice 3-0 and such a result will certainly have its weight at the end of the championship. We also managed to redeem ourselves after the defeat in Parma and this makes us very confNow, however, comes the away match in the Marches, facing a Virtus eager to maintain a first place undermined by Abba Pineto, who fell to -1: «It will be tough in Fano – resumes Novello -. We will be facing a squad full of high profile players and built to be at the top of the league. But this does not discourage us at all: on the contrary, we will try to do what we can to bring home a positive result”.

It’s full tussle. Suffice it to say that six formations are enclosed in a handful of points: «Even knowing that there is very little left until the end of the championship, this is not the time to make calculations, but to push even harder and focus only on ourselves». Novello and his companions deeply respect Vigilar Fano, but have no reverential fears: «I expect a combative DRL, who does not give up an inch and will do everything possible to achieve the goal». The bomber jacket and the rhinos had a very good year. Even if the opposite holds back: «It all depends on how the last few games go. The performance will only satisfy us if it reflects the expectations we set ourselves at the beginning of the season». In short, Novello wants the playoffs. And all of Belluno volleyball wants them.