WiMORE Parma has resumed training in the gym in view of the last home match of the regular season with Abba Pineto, second to minus one from leaders Fano, scheduled for Sunday afternoon at 6pm at the PalaRaschi. A very tough confrontation, in the presence of the new Serie A3 Italian Cup holders, to which, however, the Gialloblù will present themselves in a state of grace in the wake of four consecutive successes and the current sixth place in the standings which would be worth access to the Play Off. A magical moment analyzed by the second coach Matteo Borghi, already projected together with all the technical staff at the remaining two championship matches. “In this phase of the championship the team is doing well in all fundamentals, we managed to find good consistency both in the ball receiving phase and in the break serving phase. This allowed us to dominate even complex game situations in which we faced high-level opponents”.

Where could Sunday’s match against Pineto be decided?

“If we manage to keep all the fundamentals constant and offer a good level of play both in receiving, which for us means having high percentages of ball changes, and in serving, we will certainly have a good chance of picking up points. Pineto is a tough team, the standings prove it so we can’t give up on anything”.

Is there confidence in the playoff race?

“There are still two games ahead, it’s all to be decided and there’s nothing written, but we’re certainly in a very positive flow and we’re closing the regular season with very positive performances. I think the team is very busy, everyone is very excited to be able to get to the playoffs and they will do everything to stay in it”.

How is the experience as second coach in Serie A3 going on?

“It’s an important, demanding and motivating championship, so far it’s been a good experience and then there’s a very united team group, an aspect that isn’t so obvious. I think our seventh player is the group, the locker room, even on a human level it was a very pleasant year”.