The second day of the Quarter Finals in the Play Offs A2 Credem Banca could already provide important verdicts. The four teams that made their debut in the series in the best of three matches are aiming for passage to the Semifinals, but first they have to fight: two clubs (Bergamo and Castellana Grotte) are looking for the Semifinals in front of their fans, two others instead (Santa Croce and Vibo Valentia) aim to obtain the decisive away victory.

On Wednesday 19th April the round opens with Consar RCM Ravenna – Tonno Callipo Calabria Vibo Valentia. The winners of the Regular Season, led by Paul Buchegger, got the better of the eighth strength of the first phase in four sets and want to close the accounts away, but the hot hand of Alessandro Bovolenta, author of 25 points in Game 1 at PalaMaiata , gives hope to the Romagnoli in view of Game 2. The home team must win with any result to get to the top.

Also on Wednesday, but at 20.30, Agnelli Tipiesse Bergamo has the golden opportunity to play the match ball on their pitch for the passage to the Semifinals of the Promotional Play Offs. A privilege earned in Race 1 with the success in four sets with Delta Group Porto Viro in Veneto. Result that upset the balance of the first phase: the Orobici finished the regular season in sixth position, the opponents finished third at the finish line. The home team is one success away from the Semifinals.

On the pitch at 20.30 Tinet Prata di Pordenone and Kemas Lamipel Santa Croce. In Game 1 the Wolves achieved their first victory in Serie A over the Friulians at the third attempt thanks to a 3-1 home win at PalaParenti. Now the Tuscan team has to sign a second, even more difficult feat, to close the series in two moves, while Prata, who finished fifth for the worst set quotient, despite a ranking that mirrors that of her opponents, must assert herself in her headquarters to go beautiful.

Kick-off at 20.30 for BCC Castellana Grotte – Pool Libertas Cantù. The away victory at the tie break of the New Mater in the 1st day of the direct clashes can be a surprise if you look at the seventh position at the end of the regular season, but the Apulian and Lombard teams boast high-level personnel for the category and anything is possible . The fact is that the BCC has the match ball between the friendly walls, but the Pool Libertas seen in the second part of the tournament can score anywhere.

Quarterfinals Game 2 – Play Off A2 Credem Banca

Mercoledì 19 aprile 2023, ore 19.30
Consar RCM Ravenna – Tonno Callipo Calabria Vibo Valentia

Arbitri: Jacobacci Sergio, Prati Davide
Video Check: Marchetti Marco
Segnapunti: Salvati Gloria

Mercoledì 19 aprile 2023, ore 20.30
Agnelli Tipiesse Bergamo – Delta Group Porto Viro

Arbitri: Venturi Giuliano, Scotti Paolo
Video Check: Fichera Giuseppe
Segnapunti: Moscardi Antonio

Tinet Prata di Pordenone – Kemas Lamipel Santa Croce
Arbitri: Clemente Andrea, Giglio Anthony
Video Check: Cadamuro Francesco
Segnapunti: Pivetta Silvia

BCC Castellana Grotte – Pool Libertas Cantù
Arbitri: Salvati Serena, Gaetano Antonio
Video Check: Colapietro Antonio
Segnapunti: Bianchi Denise Mary Rose

Play Off A2 Credem Banca


Play Off A3 Credem Banca

The Final Phase of the A3 Credem Banca Play Offs is underway with the three matches of the Quarter Finals in the name of cross-matches in the best of three matches between associations from the White Group and teams from the Blue Group. The three winners of the Series will advance to the Semifinals together to the losing team of the Promotion Play Off A3 Credem Banca between Ortona and Fano. Meanwhile, Wednesday 19 April, at 20.00, the Quarterfinals will open with the match between Abba Pineto, second in the white group at the end of the Regular Season, and Maury’s Com Cavi Tuscania, fifth in the Blues, teams that have faced each other twice in the league, for accuracy in the 2020/21 Regular Season, hitting one victory each. In the roster there is also an ex, Lorenzo Calonico, who wore the Viterbo shirt for three years. At 20.30, Farmitalia Catania, for a long time star performer in the Blue Group before the last minute slip into second place, and Monge-Gerbaudo Savigliano, fourth in the White Group, take to the field for an unprecedented match. The Etna people managed to find the winning starting point in the round of 16 against Garlasco and now they want to confirm the field factor to start with momentum. The last match of the quarter-finals, again scheduled for Wednesday at 20.30, is the face-to-face between WiMORE Parma and Leo Shoes Casarano: both teams finished in sixth place in their respective Groups, overturning the home advantage against the third-placed teams they faced in the Round of 16, namely Med Store Tunit Macerata and OmiFer Palmi. Emiliani and Apulians have never met before, and who are determined to continue their respective paths knowing that, in the event of the next round, they would face the “outgoing” team from the promotion play-off.

Play Off A3 Credem Banca – Fase Finale

Quarterfinals Play Off A3 Credem Banca – Fase Finale

Mercoledì 19 aprile 2023, ore 20.00
Abba Pineto – Maury’s Com Cavi Tuscania
Arbitri: Licchelli Antonio, Capolongo Antonio
Video Check: Catena Lorenzo
Segnapunti: Rollo Ilaria
Diretta YouTube Legavolley

Mercoledì 19 aprile 2023, ore 20.30
Farmitalia Catania – Monge-Gerbaudo Savigliano
Arbitri: Pescatore Luca, Ciaccio Giovanni
Video Check: Galletti Gabriele
Segnapunti: Grasso Alessandro
Diretta YouTube Legavolley

WiMORE Parma – Leo Shoes Casarano
Arbitri: Traversa Nicola, Lorenzin Ruggero
Video Check: Fallica Davide Basilio
Segnapunti: Bianchini Silvia
Diretta YouTube Legavolley