Interview with the Gialloblù number 15 after his appointment as captain. President Silvestri: “A correct person, who enjoys the respect of those who were already there and immediately earned that of the new arrivals”.

Mescoli has decided that Riccardo Rustichelli will wear the captain’s armband of Stadium Mirandola for the new season: the central defender born in 1996, born and raised in the yellow-blue youth team, takes up the new challenge and relaunches: “awareness and hunger for victory will be the key words”

Did you expect Mescoli’s call?
Let’s say I didn’t expect it “out of humility”, but in reality I hoped for it. It is the dream of any sportsman to play in a good team and maybe even to be able to captain it. I wouldn’t have felt the non-appointment as a failure or anything, but being the captain certainly fills me with pride.

What do you expect from this season?
Definitely a step further in awareness. We are going to face the same championship again: we know both our means and those of our opponents better. We will certainly be more aware of what awaits us on the other side of the network.

There are many changes planned at the arena, what will your role be?
My role won’t change that much to be honest: whether I was captain or not I always tried to bring everything I had to the cause. I will continue to do so and I will work even harder as a recognition towards the coach, but a player on the pitch is considered a reference regardless of the presence or absence of a line under his number.

What will your Stadium be like?
I want to point out that there is absolutely nothing of my own. Stadium is represented by the entire group, including the staff. The fact that we can take the field and win comes from the individuals who put the ball down on Sunday, but it comes from the manager who takes care of all the necessary paperwork, from the physiotherapist who treats us, from the trainer and so on. If you win, it’s everyone’s credit.
This season’s Stadium will be a Stadium that aims first and foremost at working hard in the gym, staying united and overcoming anything together. Group work will be the only way to get out of uncomfortable situations. We will have to be aware of our strong points and our weak points, always with the aim of bringing home points.

How do you comment on the words of Mescoli and president Silvestri?
I am very grateful to both of them for the words they spent on me, I think the coach immediately noticed the trust I have in the strength of the group.