Guests of the Centrale del Latte, a partner of Atlantis since its inception, the journalists attended the presentation of Simone Tiberti on Tuesday afternoon, who really needs no introduction…

43 years old in September, he also demonstrated last season that age matters little when you have a cool head, a clear vision of the game and still a great desire to do well. He led his team through the difficulties of a complicated year by managing his players in the best possible way and kept the ranks compact until the last day, the one that guaranteed the Tucanis permanence in Serie A2 for the tenth time, and now he is ready to battle again.

The president of the Plant Franco Dusina accompanied by the general manager Andrea Bartolozzi, opened the conference with the wish for a profitable season: “We have been alongside Atlantis for 14 years and we will be again this year! Our philosophy drives us to support many sports realities in the area by giving continuity to projects that share our values. At Atlantis we like not only the feats of the first team, but also and above all the great activity that has always been done with the youth”

“It seems that every year I say it will be the last – captain Tiberti then joked -, so this time I’ll limit myself to saying that I’m happy to continue and that I’m sailing on sight, summing up at the end of the season. The club made good signings and I expect a team that can hit the play-offs and not chase salvation. Of course it will be a sextet to form, there are several new additions and it will be necessary to work on the amalgam, unlike previous years in which the group already knew each other almost I am very sorry for the comrades who will no longer be there because they are historic Toucans and I feel like wishing a big ‘good luck’ to Gallo, Bisi and Espo who have spent so many years in Brescia. you deserve to see a more competitive team and a bit more successful than in the season that just ended and we are all looking forward to the restart in August”.