Tenth season in red and white for “LC7”
When building houses, you always start from the foundations. From the roots. And for this reason, the first confirmation announcement, for the upcoming Kemas Lamipel, A2 Credem Banca 2023-24, could not have been any other than number 7, Leonardo Colli. Solid spiker receiver, skilled in the front line for his technical skills, concrete in reception, powerful in serving, Colli is the first piece of a formation that will present itself profoundly renewed but which will once again want to face the category as a protagonist. A lot of experience on the field and in locker room things for an athlete who has known only one shirt and only two colors, soon becoming a point of reference for the club, for the environment, and for the groups with which he played. In the last season he was held back by physical problems, at the start, but he soon recovered the ownership and the leading role both in Vincenzo Mastrangelo’s “6+1” and in the subsequent sextets lined up by coach Bulleri. 30 total aces in the season (12th overall in the ranking of winning hits per set), 210 points scored in 25 games, 24.3 “perfects” in a receiving line where he had and always had a lot of “space”: with these numbers the captain helped the team reach the top four of A2 Credem Banca. A confirmation that is a guarantee of quality and dedication to the cause, the best way to start a new all-red and white story.