A morning session on the outdoor beach volleyball courts and an afternoon workout divided between weights and individual technique inside the Borgo Valsugana arena (inverted program compared to what was planned the day before to deal with the bad weather) concluded the mini retreat before – Itas Trentino championship in Valsugana. For an entire weekend, between Friday 25th and Sunday 27th August, one of the best known and most renowned valleys in the Province of Trento became a veritable center of volleyball gravity, hosting the pre-season preparations of Trentino Volley and at the same time attracting hundreds of fans, curious to see more than half of the new squad that the management handed over last Tuesday to the new coach Fabio Soli at work.
With six justified absent players ready to start the 2023 European Championship next week, the coaching staff was able to focus their attention on the various Berger, Cavuto, Laurenzano, Nelli and Pace and on the new signings Acquarone, Magalini and Rychlicki, immediately popular for photos and autographs. Together with them, six young people from the Youth Sector who were able to guarantee rhythm and quality to the programme. On the last day, after having worked mainly from a physical point of view in the previous two, there was also room for a 4v4 mini-tournament of beach volleyball, won by the quartet made up of Berger, Cavuto, Pace and the junior Mentasti.
“The objective of the training period in Valsugana was not to find our best volleyball but simply to start laying the physical and technical foundations for the next few weeks of preparation – explained Soli – . Objective absolutely centered, also thanks to the constructive spirit put on the field by all the players present, young and more experienced. Such occasions are also used to get to know each other better and find the right feeling; we’re on the right path. I would therefore like to thank the Apt della Valsugana, the Hotel Ariston in Levico, the GS Ausugum and the entire valley for the wonderful welcome and hospitality they have shown us. We trained using a functional and multi-purpose structure such as the Sports Center which refers to the Palazzetto di Borgo. I already knew Valsugana well because I have relatives in these parts; it was a wonderful confirmation”.
For the players, a Monday of rest before the resumption of training, set for Tuesday morning at the daily newspaper Arena.