Kyle Russel, opposite American born in 1993 from Sacramento, is the second important purchase of the Gioiella Prisma Taranto license plate 2023/24.

Prominent athlete of the USA national team, with great international experience, he is physically very gifted (205 cm tall): between the two main characteristics, a great jump and a very powerful attack and serve.

After taking his first steps in professional volleyball in 2011 in the Irvine – University of California team – Russell begins a tour that will take him first to Poland with the Bedzin shirt, then to Germany in Charlottenburg from 2017 to 19, finally to France in Cannes, for you to fly to Asia from 2020 to 2022, to South Korea where it stops two years earlier with the colors of Korea Electric Power and then with those of Samsung Bluefangs.

In the last season he played for the French team Arago de Sète with which he is finishing the playoffs.