All ready for the final sprint. Indeed, it is a “volatona”. Because the playoff race involves six formations: all enclosed in the space of four points. And among them there is also Da Rold Logistics Belluno, currently seventh in the standings.

This means that, if the Serie A3 Credem Banca championship ended today, the rhinos would enter the post season. But there are still two days left before the checkered flag. And they are both with a high degree of difficulty for the group of coach Colussi, called to face the leaders (Vigilar Fano, away: Sunday 26, at 7 pm) and the third force of the group (Med Store Tunit Macerata: Sunday 2 April, at 18, at the Spes Arena).

Squeezing as many points as possible from the double confrontation is a “conditio sine qua non” to obliterate the playoff-ticket. Because the people of Belluno feel two formations breathing down their necks: Geetit Bologna, separated by 2 lengths. And the ErmGroup San Giustino, at -1. It is worth taking a peek at the calendar of both: on Sunday the Emilians will visit a Macerata already certain of third place, while in the final round they will host the Gamma Chimica Brugherio, fighting for salvation. And San Giustino? In five days he will welcome Stadium Mirandola (another team fighting to keep Serie A3) within his friendly walls and the direct clash is scheduled for April 2, in Lombardy, with Moyashi Garlasco, the current fourth force in the tournament. Behind Garlasco, at 42 points, here is the Savigliano-Parma tandem, at an altitude of 41. And therefore the DRL at 40.

Moral of the story? It is useless to set too many calculations or imagine possible scenarios, within a championship characterized by absolute unpredictability. There are two races on the horizon. Indeed, two finals. And as such, they must be interpreted: with courage, with personality. And trust.