Looking out for sold out in Game 5

Hunt for tickets for Game 5 of the Play Off Scudetto Credem Banca quarter-finals between Cucine Lube Civitanova and WithU Verona. We’re heading towards sold out at the Eurosuole Forum in view of the playoff to reach the Semifinals. With the Italian champions and their Scaligeri rivals in a stalemate, after two victories each in the series, the match on Saturday 8 April (6 pm) will be without appeals. The team that gets through the round will face the winner of the competition between Sir Safety Susa Perugia and Allianz Milano and will be guaranteed a place in the 2023/24 European Cups, the Champions League or the CEV CUP, while the defeated team will face the sequence of Play Offs for 5th place Credem Banca to pursue qualification for the Challenge Cup.

The red and whites will be able to count on an incandescent fortress and on the thrust of the Predators, with the organized group of Lube nel Cuore which has new and captivating choreographies in store, as happened in the previous Play Offs, while the guest representatives of the Maraia group are expected from Verona.

Some sectors of the Civitanova plant are already fully booked. Both at the box office and on the online circuit, the sale of tickets for the match continues at a good pace, which will break the balance between the fourth and fifth strengths of the regular season.