Joint training between Volley Banca Macerata and Erm Group San Giustino took place yesterday. The two teams faced each other again after a week, this time the red and whites were guests of the Palasport San Giustino and as in the first test, they prevailed at the end of the four sets agreed upon by the two coaches.

The sets were fought: already in the first the red and whites had to recover the deficit accumulated halfway through the match and in the final the result was overturned 25-23. In the second, Volley Banca Macerata managed to escape and their opponents remained behind until 25-18; However, the guests shortened the score in the third set, which ended with the same score but in favor of San Giustino. In the quarter the two coaches gave more space to the boys on the bench, the match remained close and the advantages were needed to decide the 27-25 for Macerata.

Among the players who remained mostly on the pitch is Bara Fall, the new central defender of Volley Banca Macerata, who commented on yesterday’s training, “The result was positive, we did good things and we need to improve on other aspects. However, the group is working well, with the right approach, we are learning to know each other and to assimilate the coach’s instructions.” What do you expect from the next weeks of preparation? “We will certainly still work on serving and blocking, but in general we need to improve on many aspects, as is normal in this phase of preparation. The results are important but now they matter up to a certain point, all the teams are focused on finding the best form.” Having arrived this summer from Parma, for you they were also the first months in Macerata, you are getting to know the city as well as your new teammates, “We don’t have much time yet since we are working intensely between the gym and the sports hall, but I live nearby in the center and when I can I always take a tour around Macerata. I really like the climate, it’s good and I hope to have the opportunity to get to know the city better during the season.”