Big shot in the Motta house: Matteo Bortolozzo arrives to lend a hand in the middle.
Protagonist of Serie A (between Superlega, A2 and A3) for 15 seasons, for his 16th season on the fields that count “Borto” chose Motta.
Experience and talent therefore, but also the ability to lighten the hot moments and the desire to create bonds with the locals. These are some of the characteristics of the new green-and-white centre-back, who introduces himself to his new fans like this: “I like to play down the drama, and when I need to, I also joke. I hope that all together we can create that connection between the people of Motta and the team, which is essential for growing together”.

Why did you choose to marry the Motta volleyball project?

“I spoke to sporting director Carniel and president Buso, they gave me great enthusiasm and determination by sharing the goal of returning to the top. That’s why I chose Motta.
Obviously nothing will be taken for granted and I will be honored to give my personal contribution”.

Last three seasons in Prata, two of which as an opponent of the Lions, what memories do you have of the green-and-white climate?

“What is valid for the club also applies to Motta’s support; I was ABSOLUTELY (underlines Bortolozzo ed) impressed by the organization and the desire to follow the team even during times of difficulty, where other fans would have disappeared. I am convinced that their healthy attachment to the club honors the fans.”

The team that is being formed can be among the very first in the championship. How do you see it?

“I’ve never made any predictions in my life, and I won’t start this year, if only for superstition. But I know for sure that winning seasons are the result of a growth path, and the mentality that I’m learning to know here in Motta is precisely that of growing training after training, game after game and I’m sure we can get some great satisfaction.
I love volleyball and rest assured that I will give my best on a sporting level as well as giving my personal contribution to favoring a favorable climate in the locker room, so that working in the gym, even if with effort and sweat, is always a pleasure to be lived responsibly ”.