Another great return for Volley Tricolore, which chooses to support Lorenzo Sperotto with the young Reggio player Mattia Catellani.

Catellani, setter born in 1999, grew up in the youth team of Volley Tricolore, to then spend three years in A2, with the same club, which ended with the victory of his first Italian Cup and the victory of the championship. “For me it is always an honor and a pride to be from Reggio and to wear the Reggio Emilia shirt. Last year I chose to live an experience away from home, so I feel like returning with something more in my technical baggage and I think my return to Volley Tricolore was the right choice at the right time. Playing for your city, in a club where I’ve always felt comfortable, is a unique emotion.”

The director will find himself having to share zone two with Lorenzo Sperotto, of the same age, with whom he has already had experience as an opponent: “For me it will be very stimulating, we are two young boys, we are of the same age and we have undergone growth paths similar, that’s why I think we can get along very well and if moments of difficulty arise, I find that one can make up for the other. It’s the first year that I’ve had the chance to ‘play it’ with someone of the same age and I think this will give us that healthy competition that leads us to always give more both in training and in matches”.

Catellani closes with his expectations for the season: “My last season in Reggio shows that there are the prerogatives to do well. The important thing is that there is a team that wants to get involved and has a ‘fire’ inside that continues to burn, if we manage to keep this fire alive we can take away some great satisfaction. I find that there may be a good synergy, between those who have decided to stay and between the new grafts; I think that all the interpreters of the various roles are of a high level, with the right stimuli we will have a good season”.