Another Held in Perugia

The spiker department at Sir Safety Susa Perugia also closes. Perugia communicates the purchase of the talented Tim Held who therefore completes the roster of hammers for coach Angelo Lorenzetti.
A phone call, the one that arrived at the beginning of the summer transfer market from the Perugian entourage, which filled the heart of the twenty-five year old (born on April 17, 1998) with joy in place four.
“It was a beautiful emotion,” confirms Tim with all his authenticity. “You don’t get a phone call from Perugia every day, I’m very happy to have signed with Sir Safety Susa because I know that there I will have the chance to improve. I think I can still grow a lot and I can’t wait to get started.”
Tim will not be the first Held to play under the vaults of the PalaBarton. In fact, the father, Henk Jan Held, great centre-back for the Dutch national team and for many years a protagonist in the Italian championship, played in Perugia, on the Rpa side, in the 2004-2005 season.
“It’s true, dad played in Perugia many years ago and he gave me a hand a bit. He is very happy because this jump is certainly the result of a job we have always done together to grow and improve and his thoughts also influenced this choice a little”.
Macerata as a place of birth, youth with the Modena shirt, two seasons in A3 in Bolzano and Pineto, three seasons in A2, two of which in Reggio Emilia with a historic double Coppa Italia-promotion and one in Bergamo last year with the final promotion lost against Vibo. For Tim, therefore, the next one will be the year he lands in the Superlega.
“I’ve been coming to Bergamo for a year, even a complicated one, but it has helped me a lot in my personal growth. Despite the regret due to the fact that in the end it didn’t go as we all hoped and wanted, I took away a great deal of experience and arrived in Perugia with a good boost. It is clear that wearing the Perugia shirt has a certain effect on me. I will have the number 3 which is the family number and then it will be my first experience in the Superlega so there is enormous emotion. I can’t wait to get to know everyone, the club, the team, the fans and the city.”
Tim is curious about Perugia. And Perugia is curious to meet Tim.
“I am a player who enjoys himself on the pitch, I always try to keep a smile whether things go well or badly because all this is part of the sport. What matters to me is to have fun when I play volleyball and I hope to bring joy and smiles to Perugia as well”.