700.000 Follower for Trentino Volley

The largest virtual community in Italian volleyball, with a total of almost 700,000 followers. In terms of Social Networks, the 2022/23 season has offered further impetus to the constant growth of interest in the official profiles of Trentino Volley. In the period between September 2022 and May 2023, the increase in fans of the Gialloblù official accounts amounted to around 185,000 (+37%), which led the Via Trener Club to reach the considerable share of 685,835 followers overall, adding all platforms on which it is active.
The further boom recorded by the company account on TikTok contributed significantly to the exceptional figure achieved. Trentino Volley was among the first clubs to believe in the potential of this platform, which allows you to share short (even light-hearted) video clips combined with music, sound effects and filters, and the choice has been further rewarded given that in the last nine months the increase was over 100,000 followers (354,000 overall). Among the other historical profiles, the most significant growth was recorded by the Instagram and YouTube accounts, with significant increases compared to the previous season; between September 2022 and May 2023, the fans of the multimedia diary increased from 170,857 to 184,804 (+9%) also thanks to the increasingly frequent publication of exclusive posts and videos, dedicated to everything concerning the activity of the first team, while the subscribers to Trentino Volley TV (the official Gialloblù YouTube channel) have gone from 16,000 to 17,697. Also noteworthy are the more than 2,700 followers of the Instagram account reserved for the women’s sector, which can be reached by searching for the id @trentinovolleywomen.
The Facebook profile reached 88,980 followers (+3,500 compared to the previous season), while the Twitter account added another thousand hundred interested in his tweets, reaching 36,305 – a figure that consolidates his leadership among Italian volleyball clubs. There is also a constant growth of interest in Linkedin and Spotify accounts, very sector-specific platforms launched just over a year ago but already capable of receiving the attention of 1,444 and 310 people respectively.

• www.trentinovolley.it/facebook
• www.trentinovolley.it/twitter
• www.trentinovolley.it/instagram
• www.trentinovolley.it/igwomen
• www.trentinovolley.it/trentinovolleytv
• www.trentinovolley.it/tiktok
• www.trentinovolley.it/linkedin
• www.trentinovolley.it/spotify