The ninth season in Serie A has just ended for Maury’s Com Cavi Tuscania Volley, a championship once again played at the highest level, with a competitive team that defended the white and blue colors until the “beautiful” of the Play Off quarter-finals .

Commenting on the past, present and future, the general manager Alessandro Cappelli:

“My ultra-fifty-year volleyball experience, spent exclusively within Polisportiva Tuscania, gives me the right/duty to make some reflections: in more than ten years of our activity on a national level, for the umpteenth time, also this year, we confirmed ourselves among the top 8 best teams in Italy in the men’s Serie A3 championship, we played in a Final Four of the Italian Cup and continued to bring prestige to the city of Tuscania. Honestly, we thought that this continuing to confirm ourselves at very high levels had finally made us deserve the possibility of having our own home in our city where we could play home games in the Serie A championship and entertain our fans, but unfortunately this was not the case. .

Recently the Municipal Administration had drawn up a project for the transformation of the old Olivo swimming pool, moreover in a progressive state of abandonment and wear, into a modern building that could host high-level competitions. It almost seemed that there was also the opportunity to have the funds for the realization of this work when, like a bolt from the blue, everything jumped to give priority to other projects, always in the sporting field.

Far be it from me to judge the use of municipal funds, it is right that those who administer it make their own choices, but at this point we are forced to review our programs in such a way as to be able to play a championship that can be played in the current arena of Tuscania and therefore effectively giving up Serie A, at least until we have the possibility of having an adequate structure in our country.

In these 9 years of volleyball at the highest levels, the economic effort that our club has supported, thanks to the sponsors, has been remarkable. Also noteworthy are the huge flows deriving from visiting teams and fans, who however remained inexorably dispersed between Montefiascone and Viterbo.