Another fundamental piece in the construction of the new ErmGroup San Giustino which will face the second experience in the Serie A3 Credem Banca championship. It is the confirmation in blue and white of the spiker Niccolò Cappelletti, author of an undoubtedly positive season; the 27-year-old striker from Perugia, one meter and 96 centimeters tall, was one of the architects of the salvation conquered well in advance by the team of the Bartolini-Monaldi duo, also in the race to the last for a place in the play-offs. As well as from seat 4, Cappelletti has often raised his voice even when serving and blocking. These are his numbers in the first year with ErmGroup: on the field for 96 sets in the 26 games played; 346 points scored out of 624 attacks, equal to 45.5% positivity; 704 receptions and 43 aces, which put him in eighth place in the general ranking in terms of runs scored in batting. “I’m very happy to have stayed in San Giustino – said Cappelletti himself – after a championship that for me has seen great growth on both a sporting and personal level, therefore a satisfaction in all respects. I particularly appreciated the diligence with which the club sought me out to propose renewal, demonstrating their interest in me: it means that I worked and also sowed well”. With one important detail: the intention is to set up an even more competitive workforce. “Yes, indeed, the bar of objectives is being raised, for which the ideal conditions exist: last year I embraced the San Giustino project and now we continue with the desire to play a leading role”.