Milano chasing for Champions League

Game 5 with Cucine Lube Civitanova stopped the race for the Scudetto of the Allianz Powervolley Milano. For Roberto Piazza’s team now the focus is moving: the goal is the pass for the Champions League. Sports director Fabio Lini acts as spokesperson for the Milanese club to talk about the feat of his boys and the value that the upcoming series for 3rd place with Gas Sales Bluenergy Piacenza takes on.

Allianz Powervolley literally made thousands of fans dream, many hoped to see them in the final. A great battle in race 5 and a piece of history written. Finishing among the top four teams in the championship was one of the objectives this season for the company of President Lucio Fusaro, then the uncertainty and balance of this championship, in particular, has reshuffled the cards a bit in the Regular Season, but the soul of the team, which was also seen during the rest of the season, took the field in these Play Offs with continuity, determination and enthusiasm. One can absolutely agree that Allianz is the real outsider in this championship: “Yes, without a doubt yes. There is no recipe to create awareness in the players but I would say that the staff have mixed the ingredients perfectly and we have faced the last 2/3 months with the team we dreamed of. The route was difficult and bumpy, but now we are aware of the feat that the boys have done but we are not satisfied, in fact I would say that we are just missing the last kilometre, which is to be able to conquer third place, also thanks to the support from the public who now follow us with affection at any time of the day, from training sessions, on social media and above all to the match (with the latest sold out). It’s time to be able to win a third place that would give prestige to the club, great visibility at European level, playing in the Champions League would be a reward for what we’ve done this year”.

Even if the race for the Scudetto ended on Tuesday evening, there is now another great goal up for grabs: the Champions League. For a team like that of Milan to have access to the most important European Cup in the volleyball scene, it would launch it into the volleyball event. An important goal that touches many focal points of President Fusaro’s project: building a team that can compete for the most important national and international titles, thus bringing excellence to a metropolis like Milan, not only to bring the public closer to volleyball, but to generate local value.