For Agnelli Tipiesse “finale” also meant saying goodbye to Nicola Gibellini in advance. The rossoblù trainer, now a historic figure within the technical staff, took off to prepare for the second consecutive summer adventure with coach Emanuele Zanini’s Belgium. A well-deserved reconfirmation for a figure of increasingly international caliber who Bergamo has proudly seen grow up. Here are his words, between emotion and impatience.

“Thoughts are only positive. In this, of course, there is also the regret of not being able to be physically present for a series of play-off finals, an event that doesn’t exactly happen every day. Inside me is a sort of contrast between the happiness for the goals, mine and the team’s, combined with the bitterness in the mouth for having to give up experiencing strong sensations. This, like the many thanks that should be given, I just can’t express in words”

“A difficult season from which we can and must learn a lot. We faced and resolved situations that had never arisen before and which then also led to some clear-cut solutions. We adapted, we managed to sort everything out However, every aspect is part of the baggage, including meeting each other and finding the crux of the matter together. How it was done”

“Mathijs Desmet, Wout D’Heer and Tomas Rousseaux as well as Francois Lecat in the elements of national interest. Without forgetting who from our country has passed through us like Le Roux or D’Hulst. That’s why when Zanini and I interface in Italian, we have to be careful what we say to each other. Having players who understand and speak our language, joking aside, greatly facilitates communication”

“I can’t wait now. Debut in the top continental competition against those who won in a European and World Cup year, also meeting Yuri Romanò who was with us in Bergamo. I’ll have the doubt whether to sing the Mameli or the Belgian anthem, of which I still don’t know a word … That is a very intense moment. When you look at a polo shirt, yes with the flag of a country that is giving itself an opportunity of such greatness. Initially you don’t notice it, you realize a lot later. And it’s great.”