Three victories in the last five confrontations. These credentials are enough not to be dazzled by Motta di Livenza. Tomorrow at 5 pm, on the taraflex of the Pala Barbazza in San Donà di Piave, the Agnelli Tipiesse anticipates against one of the last in the class who has no intention of raising the white flag. The two external coups in Grottazzolina and Castellana Grotte sound like a significant warning for a Bergamo called not to make mistakes in order to shorten, at least temporarily, the distances with the third step of the podium occupied by a Santa Croce at + 4 on ours (36 against 32, Motta closes at 13). Cominetti and his companions, having found the appointment with the good game and the full loot, have operated the counter-overtake in Porto Viro in fourth place but cannot afford drools. It is the libero Matteo De Luca who brings the rossoblù phase into focus.

“After the bad performance against Castellana, we were particularly keen to react immediately and play a good volley. We owed it to ourselves, but above all to our fans. We have to be satisfied with what has been done because despite the gap in the standings it was not obvious to get a result, especially in a championship that has never shown to be as balanced as this year. We were good at imposing our game right away and taking advantage of all the opportunities. Winning helps to win and the match against Reggio Emilia can only give us security and confidence in our means in view of the next appointments. But each game is unique and as you do it after defeats, even after a victory it is important to reset what you have done and start over”.