It was almost obvious that five sets could be played. When two teams have to fight to make the most of the profit at any cost, the show is guaranteed. Bari and Ortona have created an exciting game and not at all obvious. Continuous reversals in the face, impossible defenses and spectacular shots amused the audience, including a large representation of the Organized Cheering of the Dragons arrived from Ortona.

Ortona wins and with two points completes the comeback and reaches the Sicilians of Catania at an altitude of 57. However, by virtue of the number of victories in favor of the Abruzzese, Sieco from this evening is officially the happy occupant of the first position in the standings . A fundamental victory earned at home by a tenacious team that gave their all especially in the fundamental defense. Ortona has to try again and again to undermine the reception of the landlords and does so with the broadsides of the new signing Cunha, Bertoli and the usual, evergreen Marshall, fundamental above all in the last and decisive fifth set. The wall of Ortona was decisive for most of the match with Arienti and Marshall himself who both placed 11 of the 15 point walls of the Ortonese.

On balance, however, the mission of the Impavidi Boys remains the same: to beat Catania in the last round of the championship between the friendly walls. Ortona’s two-point victory with the consequent defeat of Catania (who lost 3-0 at home against Casarano) forces Ortona to victory but now he would also be good at the tie-break.