On 1 June 2023, Pallavolo San Giustino and Club Arezzo Volleyball Academy announce that they have reached a technical, sporting and commercial collaboration agreement. In this way, the two companies open up a range of technical possibilities for their athletes, coaches, collaborators, the economic realities of the territory and for all those who want to be part of them and who start from mini-volleyball to get to Series A3. The agreement also touched on the issue of sustainability, as the two companies are convinced that even sport cannot exempt itself from ESG, Environmental (environment), Social (society) and Governance (Finance) issues, highlighting that S like “Social” and S like “Sport” underline successful cases that testify to its value as a vector of sustainability, with the aim of making people invest more and more in sport. We all have a lot to learn, and by doing so, we may be better sports managers. In this way, we would also improve the country. At the moment, maximum satisfaction is expressed for the achievement of this agreement, which represents a starting point for the development of synergies in the area, with which it is hoped to achieve important sporting results. The strategic importance, planning and technical objectives will be presented to the press and insiders on Saturday 10 June, at 12, at the Continentale hotel in Arezzo, in piazza Guido Monaco n. 7.