CEV Cup 2023 – Play Off, Away Matches

Bluenergy Daiko Volley Piacenza – C.S. Arcada Galati 3-1 (29-31, 25-10, 25-12, 25-23) – Gas Sales Bluenergy Daiko Volley Piacenza: Basic 16, Hoffer (L), Recine 7, Gironi 15, Alonso 2, Brizard 5, Leal 2, Scanferla (L), Cester 2, Simon 12, Romanò 2, Caneschi 9, De Weijer 0. All. Botti. C.S. Arcada Galati: Magdas 3, Talpa 2, Butnaru 0, Smits 7, Lescov 0, Malescha 10, Bala 2, Rata 14, Cristudor (L), Kantor (L), Vilimanovic 1, Sobirov 3, Madsen 12. All. Stancu. – Arbitri: Avramidis, Varbanov. NOTE – durata set: 36′, 22′, 22′, 29′; tot: 109′.

Valsa Group Modena – SVG Luneburg 3-1 (27-25, 23-25, 25-17, 25-21) – Valsa Group Modena: Mossa De Rezende 5, Sanguinetti 12, Stankovic 8, Ngapeth 10, Sala 12, Lagumdzija 12, Salsi 0, Rossini (L), Rinaldi 10. N.E. Marechal, Gollini, Krick, Bossi, Malavasi. All. Giani. SVG Luneburg: Worsley 2, Eshenko 5, Ewert 19, Worsley (L), Gerken 0, Bohme 1, Maase 15, Schnitzer 8, Cowell 12. N.E. Van De Kamp, Mohwinkel, Ketrzynski. All. Hubner. – Arbitri: Tillmann, De Baar. Note – durata set: 36′, 26′, 25′, 28′; tot: 115′.

“Play Off” mission accomplished for Modena and Piacenza, who thanks to the victories (both 3-1) obtained in the second leg qualify for the Quarter Finals of the CEV Cup 2023, where they will face the third classified in the group stage of CEV Champions League. Piacenza will challenge the French of Montpellier, Modena will face the Slovenian of Ljubljana.

Thanks to the two sets won in the second leg of the Play Offs, Bluenergy Daiko Volley Piacenza reaches the Quarter Finals of the CEV Cup, where between 6 and 8 February they will face away against the French team of Montpellier, third in Pool A of the CEV Champions League, behind Jastrzebski and Friedrichshafen. The return match is scheduled at PalabancaSport the following week. After the 3-0 home win against the Romanians in the first leg, the red and white team defeated Galati 3-1 in the second leg in a comeback: losing the first set to the advantages after a long tug of war (29-31), Piacenza won without any particular problems the second and third set which guaranteed her passage to the next round of the event. Clear path in the CEV Volleyball Cup for Bluenergy Daiko Volley Piacenza: six games played, six victories. Once the games were done, coach Botti gave everyone space, Leal also returned to the field.

Completed comeback for the Valsa Group Modena: the formation coached by Andrea Giani, after the defeat at the tie break last week in the incandescent setting of the LKH Arena in Luneburg, conquers a full victory in front of his fans (2444) and passes the round . The victory obtained in the first set (27-25) was decisive, followed by the away draw (set decided in the final, concluded 25-23 after the comeback in Modena up to 23-23), and by the last two periods, strength to the Germans 25-17 (with a break from the yellows from 22-17) and 25-21 (from 19-17). Good performance in the break phase by Rinaldi (10 points) and Stankovic (8), as well as the one in attack by Sanguinetti and the substitute Sala (12 points each). Double figures also for Ngapeth (10) despite a slight back problem felt in the warm-up. In the Quarter Finals, the Valsa Group will face ACH Volley Ljubljana, third in the Champions League group in Perugia, just behind Sir and Ziraat Bank Ankara, with 2 wins and 8 points.

The two teams from Emilia will play the first leg away (between 7 and 9 February), and the second leg at home: Piacenza – Montpellier will be played on 14 February, while Modena – Ljubljana will be on 15 February. The red and whites host Taranto over the weekend, while the yellows will be on stage on Sunday evening in Cisterna.

CEV Cup 2023 – 4th Finals, Home Matches

Da definire, 7-9 febbraio 2023
Montpellier HSC VB (FRA) – Bluenergy Daiko Volley Piacenza

Da definire, 7-9 febbraio 2023
ACH Volley Ljubljana (SLO) – Valsa Group Modena

CEV Cup 2023 – 4th Finals, Away Matches

Da definire, 14-16 febbraio 2023
Bluenergy Daiko Volley Piacenza – Montpellier HSC VB (FRA)

Mercoledì 15 febbraio 2023, ore 20.30
Valsa Group Modena – ACH Volley Ljubljana (SLO)