Another opportunity was lost against Ravenna, the umpteenth if you like, but really this season the lions have had to deal more with luck than with their opponents on the pitch. Suffice it to say that even last Saturday a pawn had to be given up at the last moment, having to redesign the entire set-up by removing the certainties that were perhaps consolidating against Cuneo and Portoviro. However, the page is turned and the lions have never mourned each other and during the week we worked to better prepare for the very difficult away match in Grottazzolina.

The fifth day of the return of the A2 CREDEM BANCA national championship proposes the long trip to the Marche region in the small town of Grottazzolina in the province of Fermo. VIDEX YUASA occupies the ninth position in the standings at an altitude of 24 points, the result of a journey between the friendly walls that counts only two defeats (against Castellana the first in the championship 1 to 3 and against Vibo the second in the return 1 to 3). Last Sunday, coincidentally at home, Grotta scored his first victory in this second leg against Reggio Emilia 3-2. The HRK standings don’t have much to tell compared to the last few days, but that doesn’t mean the lions don’t hear the duty to try until the end, starting why not from the difficult trip to the Marches.

Massimiliano Ortenzi should line up his team with Marchiani dribbling and Nielsen opposite, Vecchi and Bonacic spikers, Bartolucci in the center paired with Cubito and Romiti libero. On the other side of the net Milo Zanardo should respond with Acquarone to direct the traffic and Cavasin on the main diagonal, Pol and Secco Costa as receivers, Trillini and Pilotto in the center and Capitan Battista free.

Race directors Fabio Bassan and Simone Fontini. Live on on Saturday 28 January from 8.30pm.