President Bongiovanni, what are your impressions after Sunday’s match, how do you see the team after Mr. Travica’s intervention?

“After the match with Civitanova we are very satisfied with the performance, we held our own against Lube for the entire match, coming close to the final victory.

During the week we noticed a change of pace in training also with individual technique exercises. Mister Travica certainly gave a strong boost of confidence to the entire team group. He is a charismatic and competent coach, ready and with great timing in the game phase, he knows how to explain himself to the group and express himself at his best during time outs. We looked for a coach who had these qualities and we are sure that we managed to bring an excellent coach to Taranto to further grow as a team.”

There was also a technical change in direction, the Spaniard De Haro gave an excellent performance, what can you tell us in the face of recent transfer rumors that saw him leaving for other clubs?

“We deny the rumors regarding the sale of Trinidad De Haro. We have not had any requests from other clubs for our athlete, they are just baseless market rumors. If some imaginative person wants to appear with such rumours, they are not problems that concern the team , the club and its members. The team is growing, day after day and we hope to soon find our first victory of the season together with this group.”