Remembering Patrizia

Saturday afternoon’s game at the Palasport in Cisterna between Top Volleyball and Gas Sales Bluenergy Piacenza will not only be the match for the beautiful victory of the hosts, but will remain indelible among the memories of the Cisterna sports club for the emotions linked to Patrizia Cacciapuoti, historic collaborator of Top Volley who died prematurely. The pain for Patrizia’s absence was imprinted on everyone’s faces, always present with her ever-present smile and undisputed availability. Everyone had found a point of reference in her, and it was always pleasant to listen to anecdotes that linked her to the great champions who passed to Top Volleyball, the same ones who, when they returned as opponents, the first thing they did, getting off the bus, was go straight to the ticket office to greet Patrizia. Before a collaborator Patrizia was a sincere friend. More than 1,500 people including fans, staff and insiders gathered around family members to participate in the remembrance. The referees, Saltalippi Luca and Cesare Stefano, left a flower on the place in the grandstand that Patrizia usually occupied, a particular moment, deeply felt by the public. Just as at the beginning of the match, before the kick-off, captain Michele Baranowicz and his deputy Andrea Rossi left the field to bring a bouquet of flowers to the stands, embracing in a moving embrace with her husband Alberto and son Marco. In the middle of the field, the players of Cisterna and Piacenza held the banner with the same message for Patrizia imprinted on the LEDs and the giant screen: “Wherever you go… You will always be in our hearts, bye Patri!”.

Marco Sordi (son Patrizia Cacciapuoti): “It was a moving moment. We were struck by the affection received for mum by all the staff, the team and the fans, a further demonstration of how much Patrizia was capable of making herself loved. We really want to thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts.”

Marco and Alberto after the match awarded Efe Bayram Mvp of the match and then joined the team for the souvenir photo of the victory against Piacenza.