Play Off 5° Place Second Round Credem Banca:
Vero Volley Monza – Sir Safety Susa Perugia 0-3 (22-25, 22-25, 29-31)

Pallavolo Padova – Valsa Group Modena 3-2 (25-21, 22-25, 25-21, 26-28, 15-11)

Vero Volley Monza – Sir Safety Susa Perugia 0-3 (22-25, 22-25, 29-31) – Vero Volley Monza: Kreling 1, Davyskiba 2, Di Martino 1, Szwarc 18, Maar 12, Galassi 9, Marttila 5, Zimmermann 1, Federici (L), Grozer 2, Beretta 2. N.E. Pirazzoli, Hernandez, Rossi. All. Eccheli. Sir Safety Susa Perugia: Giannelli 6, Semeniuk 8, Resende Gualberto 6, Herrera Jaime 15, Leon Venero 15, Solé 2, Russo 4, Colaci (L), Plotnytskyi 1, Ropret 0. N.E. Piccinelli, Cardenas Morales, Mengozzi, Rychlicki. All. Anastasi. ARBITRI: Caretti, Piperata. NOTE – durata set: 32′, 32′, 42′; tot: 106′. Spettatori: 1.110. MVP: Giannelli.

The second day of the Play Offs Group 5th Place Credem Banca 22/23 pits Vero Volley led by Massimo Eccheli against Andrea Anastasi’s Sir Safety Susa Perugia from one side of the Monza Arena net to the other , at the first official outing after the elimination in Game 5 of the Quarter-finals of the Play Offs Scudetto. What might be the reaction of the guests on the field is just one of the possible themes of the evening. Monza, for its part, won the first match of the qualifying round, in Modena, and is looking for a confirmation of value. The answers to the first doubts already arrive at the beginning of the match, with Perugia which, after a point-to-point start, extends for the first time to 7-10, to then snatch it again to 12-16, after the hosts were managed to go back up to -1 (10-11). Before the final, Vero Volley gets closer again from 16-21, up to 21-23 and 22-24, but Sir Safety closes at the second set point: 22-25. In the second set, the challenge continues point by point up to 20, when it is the guests who arrive above, 18-20, to extend again with an important break up to +4 (18-22), which becomes 19-24. For the Brianza players it is not enough to cancel the first three balls for the set: from place 4 it is Plotnytskyi who closes the fraction with a hands-out at 22-25. In the third set, Vero Volley starts from behind (0-3), but quickly finds itself to overtake, then, on 8-6, which becomes 14-10 for the maximum advantage of Monza. Perugia turns the inertia of the fraction again and recovers parity at 16. On 20 the two teams arrive paired, but the locals find another overtaking at 22-21. The first set points arrive on 24-22, but the end of the partial is a succession of front changes: 24-23, 25-24, 25-26 (with the first match point for Perugia), 27-26. On 28-27 it is still set-point for Monza, then, Maar on 28-29 forcefully cancels the second match point for the guests. However, an ace from Sir Safety closed the set, 29-31, and the challenge: 0-3. For Vero Volley, the next match and the first ready opportunity to seek redemption will be at the Monza Arena against Padua, on Saturday 22 April, at 7.30 pm. On the same day and at the same time, SIR will host WithU Verona.

MVP: Simone Giannelli (Sir Safety Susa Perugia)
Audience: 1.110

Pallavolo Padova – Valsa Group Modena 3-2 (25-21, 22-25, 25-21, 26-28, 15-11) – Pallavolo Padova: Zoppellari 2, Desmet 19, Canella 6, Guzzo 10, Gardini 20, Crosato 1, Zenger (L), Volpato 2, Asparuhov 11, Cengia 0, Saitta 1, Takahashi 6. N.E. Lelli. All. Cuttini. Valsa Group Modena: Mossa De Rezende 2, Rousseaux 12, Sanguinetti 6, Sala 25, Rinaldi 16, Bossi 9, Gollini (L), Pope 1, Marechal 0. N.E. Rossini, Stankovic, Salsi, Ngapeth, Lagumdzija. All. Giani. ARBITRI: Brancati, Nava. NOTE – durata set: 26′, 27′, 26′, 34′, 17′; tot: 130′. Spettatori: 1.519. MVP: Desmet.

A vibrant first set that of the Kioene Arena. The teams battle it out from the first points and proceed in balance until the black and whites manage to find the first break which is worth +3 (17-14). At this point Giani stops the game, Modena approaches but fails to impact the score. Gardini is concrete in serving and under the net, while the canaries make some inaccuracies (25-21). In the second half, the guests start better and create a slight margin (+2). An ace from Canella equalizes everything (11-11) and Giani calls time out. We fought point by point until the end, when an out attack by Desmet conceded 2 set points to Modena. The first is realized and the match returns to balance (22-25). In the third set, the guests continue to push on the accelerator, so much so that coach Cuttini recalls his (0-3). As the minutes go by, Padova corrects his automatisms and first manages to grab parity at 19, then makes the most of the counterattacks and forces Giani to stop again (21-19). The bianconeri kept the precious advantage with their nails and also won the third set (25-21). The fourth act follows in the footsteps of the second with Modena which, after an initial phase of balance, takes off (11-15). Padova manages to stay in contact, even with the support of coach Cuttini’s boys who started from the bench. The hosts reach Modena at an altitude of 22 at the end of a confused action and, in the final head-to-head, the Valsa Group wins (26-28) after an attack outside by Gardini. At the tie break, Rinaldi puts Juventus’ reception under pressure, but Padova responds blow for blow. A block by Desmet gives his team +2 (9-7) and Asparuhov legitimizes the advantage. Again the Belgian spiker, with 3 consecutive aces, gives his team 2 points (15-11).

MVP: Mathijs Desmet (Pallavolo Padova)
Audience: 1.519

Bye: WithU Verona

Standings Girone 5° Posto Credem Banca
WithU Verona 3, Sir Safety Susa Perugia 3, Vero Volley Monza 2, Pallavolo Padova 2, Valsa Group Modena 2.

1 incontro in meno: WithU Verona e Sir Safety Susa Perugia.

Play Off 5° Place Credem Banca – Girone
Sabato 22 aprile 2023, ore 19.30
Vero Volley Monza – Pallavolo Padova


Sir Safety Susa Perugia – WithU Verona

Bye: Valsa Group Modena