The technical staff of Sir Safety Susa Perugia is completed, the Argentine Sebastian Carotti arrives in the role of athletic trainer.
Class of ’83 born in Argentina in Arequito, Carotti arrives in Perugia after a first part of his career lived mainly in South America with experiences in the national youth teams in Ecuador and in the senior national team in Colombia as well as in the main clubs of the Argentine Superliga.
From 2014 to 2018 Carotti became the athletic trainer of the Argentine national team under the guidance of Julio Velasco, a coach who he then followed in Modena starting from the 2018-2019 season, starting his Italian adventure. Under the Ghirlandina Carotti remains five seasons, many times opponent of the Block Devils in recent years. Now a new page opens under the vaults of the PalaBarton.
“I am very happy and grateful for this possibility in Perugia,” explained Sebastian at his “premiere” as a member of the Juventus staff. “This offer, which also came at an important family moment, gives me the opportunity to work with a very important club and also to go back to being an athletic trainer. In 2018 I arrived in Italy with Julio (Velasco, ed) with that role and in Perugia the doors are reopening to do what I consider to be my strong suit”.
New technical manager and new group of athletes for Carotti.
“I’ve never worked with Angelo (Lorenzetti, ed), I’m curious and enthusiastic. First impressions were excellent, he’s so much stuff. We come from different teams and situations, in Perugia, as Angelo himself said, we start from scratch all together. Of the boys, I know Solè well, whom I had on the Argentine national team, I have always had other players as opponents and I can’t wait to get to know them.”
Sebastian outlines his work system from an athletic point of view.
“My way of working is sometimes particular, I’m an athletic trainer who likes having independent players with whom to build the physical path together. It will be necessary to understand what the players need and we will do it together, each player will have to have his own path of personal growth that is useful for the growth of the team because today volleyball is a decidedly dynamic and fast sport for which the athletes must be strong, fast and explosives. In addition, as a methodology, I like to propose challenges to the players, present situations that the kids have to find a way to solve, some in their comfort zone and others less so because then this is what they will find in the game where they will have to face difficult situations and will have to know them overcome with lucidity and intelligence.