For Leonardo Scanferla, the Gas Sales Bluenergy Volley Piacenza shirt is in fact his second skin. He arrived at the court of the president Elisabetta Curti in the summer of 2019 when the team had been promoted to the SuperLega, four seasons in red and white with 150 games played. And in red and white the libero, born in Padua in December 1998, world champion with the blue national team, will remain there until 2026. One summer with the blue national team, another three seasons in Piacenza for Scanferla, the face of a good boy that every mother would like to be his daughter’s boyfriend. But he has been linked to Martina, a former player and now coach, for over a year. Scanferla, Paduan by birth, Piacenza by adoption.

“I feel Piacenza, I feel very comfortable here and I feel good. This company has become like a family to me, it has made me grow, it has focused on me when years ago no one knew me and I feel its trust. This makes me play carefree and calm and then this is an ambitious club and fully reflects my character, I too am ambitious “.

A Coppa Italia won, a gold medal at the World Cup last year with the blue shirt…

“It’s a pity about a scudetto final that only came close, I’m very ambitious and I always want to learn and above all to win. My goal is to grow year after year, the club’s goal is the same and I honestly believe that we are both succeeding despite some difficulties”.

You arrived at volleyball late, why?

“I started playing volleyball when I was 14, it’s a sport that teaches a lot. I came from the world of football where the rules and the approach are very different, thanks to volleyball I also grew up from a human point of view. It’s true, in ten years I forged ahead, the change from football to volleyball wasn’t the easiest but thanks to tenacity, constancy and believing in what I was doing and doing, it led me to results that I couldn’t even imagine ten years does”.

Leonardo Scanferla as a child.

“Playing sports has been my fortune because to learn rules it is necessary to play sports. It also helps you in terms of relationships with others”.

What if I didn’t play volleyball?

“I went to high school and in Padua I attended the Leonardo da Vinci school where I obtained the diploma of social and health worker. I chose a school that wasn’t too demanding so I could spend as much time as possible in the gym and honestly I didn’t like studying that much. Yes, I would have been a social and health worker, I like to share something with people”.