Great satisfaction at Volley Prata for the communication arrived yesterday from the National Teams Sector of the Italian Volleyball Federation which summoned as many as seven yellow and blue athletes to participate in a week of training as part of the national qualification project “Enlarged Italy Club” from 27 February to March 5th. The athletes will be hosted at the Acquacetosa Olympic Training Center in Rome for a week of training with the Federal Staff, coordinated by the National Referent Prof. Angiolino Frigoni, with arrival for lunch on Monday and departure after lunch on Sunday. To accompany them there will be the technicians of the regional representative: the DT Pratense Francesco Gagliardi and Andrea Carbone. 14 athletes from the region from the 2007 and 2008 classes were involved and exactly half came from the Tinet home nursery. Matteo Sist, Nicolò Grespan, Carlos Rumen Nikol, Enrico Sorgon, Alessandro Giacomet, Filippo Perosa and Matteo Favret will be able to have this splendid and formative experience. The latter come from Insieme Per Pordenone Volley and confirm how the collaboration established between the two partnerships is starting to bear fruitful and important results