ShedirPharma Sorrento starts the shopping campaign with a very precious piece to be set in its own mosaic. Born in 2001, he grew up in the youth teams of Volley Treviso and then jumped directly to A3 among the ranks of UniTrento.

In the summer of 2021 he decides to leave for a strong experience: backpack (and ball) on his shoulder, and a one-way ticket to deep Northern Europe by signing with VaLePa Sastamala in Finland. With the former Modena Mikko Esko at the dribble, the technical upgrade is inevitable: the acclimatization is going great, and the time for the debut in the Cev Champions League arrives soon. However, the appeal of Italy is great, and last season he signed for Motta di Livenza (A2) becoming in the second round irrepressible for any opponent. 244 points put down, with the best score of 31 to seal a throbbing success at the tie-break in Castellana Grotte.

From one green shirt to another, just to stay on topic: the new opposite of ShedirPharma Sorrento is Alberto Cavasin!

You are the son and grandson of art: how easy was it for you to approach the world of volleyball?

“Actually, when I was little, volleyball wasn’t the first sport I tried. I started with rugby, but slowly I saw that the spark didn’t strike. The next step was volleyball, since my uncle had played in Serie A, my grandfather had followed various teams in the top flight, and my father had also played, albeit only at a youth level, when he was younger. All this intrigued me, and I started playing when I was 12, playing minivolley for 2 seasons. Then I stopped for 2 years because I went to school far away, precisely in Venice, and I couldn’t make studying coincide with sport. I therefore practiced swimming and athletics, returning to my old passion 2 years later by joining Volley Treviso and doing the entire youth path from the Under 14 to working with Michele Zanin. Suddenly the covid came so I couldn’t finish the last year. Subsequently I moved to Trento in Serie A3 because there was a project to be a student-athlete, but due to a whole series of vicissitudes it was not an easy year. From a sporting point of view, I had accepted with the idea of ​​playing continuously but then they had hired another player, and as a result I found myself constantly on the bench. The university took place entirely in dad so I was not particularly stimulated.