Giuliano D’Aprile is confirmed for the second year with the Gioiella Prisma team, born in 1997 in Gioia del Colle and will make available his skills acquired at the Osteopathy school in Bari.

He will work in close symbiosis with the physiotherapy team, and under the indications of the technical and medical staff, as well as on the problems and needs of the athletes.

He has a three-year degree in Motor and Sports Activity Sciences and is graduating from the Osteopathy school in Bari. In his curriculum he has various experiences as an Osteopath, Kinesiologist and Fitness Instructor between Gioia del Colle, Taranto and Noci. He has been a certified personal trainer for two years, and in his training he has several specialization courses on: spinal manipulation, joint mobility, importance of the foot in physical activity and vision training in physical activity.

Competent and motivated, he immediately immersed himself in the Ionian reality last season and is ready to renew his skills and qualities at the service of the rossoblù team to ensure the team’s well-being and fitness.

“Having the opportunity – declares D’Aprile – for the second consecutive year, to work in SuperLega for the Prisma Volleyball jewel, fills me with pride. The main objective of this season is to put even more passion and my skills as an osteopath at the service of the team. I thank President Bongiovanni and Vice President Zelatore for their trust as well as all the management and the new staff who have renewed their trust in me”.