The paths between Simone Baldari and the club of President Dongiovanni separated for just one season and, after a few months, they find themselves arm in arm to face the fourth league together (two in Serie B and two in Serie A-3).

The Salentine spiker returns to wear the Leo Shoes Casarano jacket after he reached the playoff semi-final in the 21-22 season with the same colors and after being a protagonist, in the last championship, among the ranks of Abba Pineto with which he conquered the Category Italy Cup, the Italian Super Cup and in the playoff series reached the semi-finals.

An experience from Abruzzo that certainly proved to be very positive for Simone who has now decided to return to Salento to try to win something in his land.

These are the statements of the athlete originally from Galatina at the time of signing the annual agreement that will bind him to the red and blue colors: “I’m really happy to return to Casarano after a year out, it was a training experience for me that will bring me so much awareness more for next season. Choosing Casarano was easy for me, it was my second home for 3 years and I can say that I know the environment well by now. With the DS and with coach Licchelli we met right away, we have the same goals and we want to entertain the whole environment. I said it would just be goodbye and it was. I can’t wait to start over!”

This is the first shot scored by Sports Director Anastasia who, together with Mister Licchelli, is active in building a competitive and hungry roster.