The day has come, Game 5 approaching

Live Rai Sport on Easter Monday (18:00) for the Allianz Powervolley Milano which will face the hosts of Sir Safety Susa Perugia on the Pala Barton field for the “beautiful” Game 5 of the Play Off quarter-finals. victory in game 4 put Piano and his companions in the position to almost caress the dream of the semifinal, in fact the all-Milanese success at last Sunday’s tie break, the series again reaches parity on a score of 2-2.

Against all odds, Roberto Piazza’s team managed to bring the Block Devils to the showdown in Game 5, the same team that dominated the Regular Season far and wide and only surrendered to Zaksa in the Semifinal last Thursday back to the Champions League. A series, the one between the 1st and 8th eighth of the class, which gave many emotions; in fact if in Game 1 in Block Devils they had it easy within the walls of the PalaBarton, the feat at the tie break of the Milanese within the Milanese walls in game 2 restored the balance. The third round saw the Umbrians falter at home and then win from behind. The fourth confrontation also gave strong emotions, with Piano and his companions who proved lethal at the photo finish in front of the wonderful Allianz Cloud crowd. This is how Game 5 presents itself to volleyball enthusiasts and non-volleyball enthusiasts, with the underdogs smiling at the World Champions in Perugia, but with an Allianz Powervolley that will sell dearly to try and hit a historic qualification in the Semifinal Scudetto. Both teams will have only one result available to decree who will reach the already qualified Trento (3-1 the series with Monza) and Civitanova (3-2 with Verona) among the top four teams in Italy.

Roberto Piazza (Coach Allianz Powervolley Milano): «Let’s say we enter the ring for the last round, it is in any case the last adventure of this series against Perugia. We know how they expect us, we think more on our side, looking at our field with respect to the opponent’s, trying to defend ourselves in some situations where they will attack us in an important way, preparing our counterattacks well, then in the end we’ll see what epilogue it will have the race. I think that at the moment we are more or less on the same level in terms of points, so it will be crucial to accept conceding on certain occasions, trying to do it as little as possible.”