The volleyball history in the Superlega of one of the oldest clubs in Italy is interrupted after 51 years. A project, that of Top Volley, which ceases to exist after 50 championships, of which 26 in the top division and 6 titles won. A sporting journey born in the art city of Cori and continued up to the Palasport di Cisterna where the home matches of the season that just ended were held. A championship that has seen Top Volleyball protagonist in a high-level journey in the most beautiful volleyball competition in the world. In recent years, Top Volleyball had found a home in the city of Cisterna, where it trained and played the internal Superlega matches in the Palasport in via delle Province. Today the sporting path continues with the youth sector for boys and girls. The final word has not been written for the company in via Lucca. The adventure that represents the local enterprise par excellence starts again from young people, keeping alive the tradition that the company has always represented, made up of men who have created a business starting from an idea, but above all from a passion that a group of friends has been able to exploit. Top Volley does not participate in the top national men’s volleyball series, but wants to represent a quality volleyball laboratory focusing on the youth sector. The chapter of the first team has closed, the story that athletes and fans wrote with pride, witnesses of an example of values ​​that sport can express and teach continues with the boys and girls of Cisterna.