The summer campaign to strengthen the Cucine Lube Civitanova delivers a talented team with an even younger average age into the hands of coach Chicco Blengini. The general manager Beppe Cormio, man on the white and red transfer market, comments on the main coup of the Club, the signing of the opposite Adis Lagumdzija, last season’s top scorer in SuperLega Credem Banca, with a two-year contract, confirming what already seemed evident Ivan’s change of role Zaytsev, who will be placed in the band spiker department with Alex Nikolov, Marlon Yant and Mattia bottolo. Matheus Motzo, one of the most prolific strikers of recent seasons in Serie A2, will be the other gun.

DG Beppe Cormio:

“In recent years, Adis has always been among the top scorers in the top flight. It is a physical player who best attacks the balls from the opposite side and allows us a different type of game. We will be able to use him at the same time as Ivan Zaytsev who will play spiker receiver. Lagumdzija is reliable and young, he has already shown a lot despite his age. We believe he can do even more by solving high ball situations that ended up in the hands of less experienced players last year. With Adis we find a different exit and a guarantee in terms of points. Our team has many elements with excellent attacking skills, but to produce the offensive you must first receive, especially to play the first half in the center. We will try to reach a good standard in reception to provide De Cecco with playable balls. Ball in hand Lube can do very well thanks to different guns: a very important opposite and to other players who know how to attack the pipe well. Ours is a team that can become very annoying if it receives. Even when batting, expectations are high, but one cannot reason only with hypotheses. So let’s not go any further, let’s think about working with these players. It seems to me a good team, growing. We had given ourselves three years to return to the very top areas of the standings. We were a bit deluded last year as we got there in the first season and this year will be even tougher because many teams have further strengthened themselves, but I remain confident!”.