Ask a kid who has just started playing volleyball what his dream is, he’ll answer “getting to Serie A”, or at least, for Samuele Lazzaro it was like that. But the path ahead is difficult, uncertain, made up of joys but also of bitter pills to swallow. But maybe the secret is just fighting a little more than the others. From green-and-white minivolleyball to the first team, “Samu” will be the second free player in Serie A3. “It is a source of great pride for me to know that Sporting Director Carniel and coach Zanardo have thought of me. It’s a reward for all these years of work, especially those in Serie C and D that have helped me grow in the freestyle role. I have to thank my coach Antonio Cornacchia for seeing in me the right qualities to fill this role, believing in me and allowing me to make this dream come true”.

You played all the youth teams in green and white, how exciting is it to make the big leap?

“I can say that I finally made it and that all my sacrifices paid off. I’ll give my all next year to prove that it was the right choice, trying to bring everything I’ve learned over the years to every training session.”

What would you like to improve instead?

“I start by saying that I will have in front of me a great free kick like Sebastiano Santi. I had the honor of knowing him last year and I’m very happy to be able to play with him, I’ll be able to steal his secrets and definitely improve by training together. I would like to improve my responsiveness in defense and fix my accuracy in reception”.

What are your expectations for next season?

“The company has built up a really competitive team. There are all the prerequisites for a great season with players of level who can entertain the public. We can make volleyball great again in Motta by experiencing strong emotions and aiming high”.